Smartgo Stevenage

Smartgo Stevenage

Project Manager:

Cliff Jones


Project Client:

Stakeholders include Stevenage Borough Council, The Highways Agency, GSK, MDBA, Herts County Council and Herts Chamber of Trade.


Nature of Business:

Businesses based in Stevenage.


Challenge: What was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?

The establishment, enhancement and growth of a business travel network for Stevenage-based employers. Promotion of sustainable modes to employees of member businesses and delivering best practice for travel planning and transport sustainability through the membership.


What special value did Go Travel Solutions bring?

Significant increases of engagement and uptake through the use of Go Travel Solutions' model for business network engagement. Recently, the project has been expanded to cover the greater Stevenage area and has been brought under the Smartgo national brand.


Who were the stakeholders?

Key local major corporates, local government and other supportive agencies.


Solutions - How the client identified a potential solution, why they chose to work with Go Travel Solutions and what solution was delivered. How did this solution address the challenge?

Sustained promotion and facilitation has been provided by Go Travel Solutions' staff, generating increased funding, business engagement and ultimately an increase in the membership footprint for the programme. 


Client testimonial:


"Smartgo Stevenage is an invaluable resource to assist partners and major local employers in trying to influence travel to work behaviour. The knowledge and expertise of Go Travel Solutions enables this project to really deliver."

Councillor Ralph Raynor, Portfolio Holder for Economy, Enterprise & Transport for Stevenage Borough Council


"Without the drive and support of Go Travel Solutions, Smartgo Stevenage would not be where it is today."

Martin Wigley, Business Operations Manager for GlaxoSmithKline




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