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Pictured (L-R) in the attached image are: Robin Pointon (Managing Director of Go Travel Solutions), Neil Fulton (Programme Director for the Automated Transport Systems Business Unit at The Transport Systems Catapult), and Andrew Bannister (Chairman of Smartgo Milton Keynes and Group Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Volkswagen Group UK)

National Intelligent Mobility organisation joins Smartgo Milton Keynes Steering Group.

A stretch of glow-in-the-dark road markings has been installed in the Netherlands after being proposed as one of several "smart highway" features that could be put to wide use.

Route 66 of the Future uses special green paint, charged by daylight.

It is designed to be clearer than existing cat's eye reflective spheres.

Its creators are also due to test glow-in-the-dark cycle lanes, which they said had already attracted the interest of UK planners.

Smartgo Loughborough is a A travel initiative co-ordinated by Go Travel Solutions offering ways for businesses to save money, improve health and enhance corporate responsibility. It was good to see Smartgo Loughborough featured in the Leicester Mercury outlining the support available for businesses in Loughborough through the scheme. Below are sections taken from Leicester Mercury.

A new scheme aims to help make commuting and business travel cheaper, easier and more sustainable in a Leicestershire town.

Personalised Travel Planning (as part of the Thinktravel programme) has made 26 offers of employment.  Of these, 22 were assisted living/long term unemployed referral candidates.  

The personal story of Louise Bodman below outlines what the opportunity meant for her:

New Beginnings

"I was fortunate to join the Thinktravel project at the very beginning, in February 2014. My position was Team Leader, and my role was to lead a team of Advisors promoting Sustainable Travel in and around the Gloucester area.

There were a lot of ups and down with the job, too hot, too cold, too wet and so on.  However, all the positives certainly outweighed the negatives.  I don’t think one shift went by, without an Advisor coming over to tell me what a great interview they had just had.

It wasn’t just about giving out information on the bus services or cycle routes, it was passing on information that opened up a new way of life for some people.

More on this story can be found on:

Recent research undertaken by University of East Anglia (UEA) suggests that active commuters felt better able to concentrate and under less strain than when travelling by car.

It was highlighted that going by public transport was preferable to driving, data from 18,000 UK commuters over 10 years suggested.

Researchers said policies encouraging people to leave their cars at home could have a big impact on well-being.

The physical health benefits of exercise are already well known and this study reinforces the idea that there are positive psychological effects too.

For more on this article see: 

Source: BBC News


According to Ecotricity, the company that has installed a network of charging stations along the UK's motorways, we are seeing a "revolution".

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders indicated that electric car sales have now topped the 10,000 mark in the UK.

As well as government incentives that have cut ownership costs, a key development is the roll-out of a network of superfast chargers at motorway stations.

Over the past year, Ecotricity say they have installed around 170 of these units, covering 90% of the network.

These allow you to charge your car battery up 80% in 20-30 minutes.

For more on this article see: BBC News

Plans to build two new cycleways have been unveiled by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Transport for London said they would be Europe's longest substantially-segregated cycleways.

There will be north-south and east-west routes, with other protected cycle routes being created for dangerous junctions.

The cycleways are central to the mayor's £913m investment in improving cycling in the capital.

Work will start early next year.

For more on this article see: BBC News

Brings significant experience of local and national transport policy and planning

Former Transport Planning Society ‘Transport Planner of the Year’ 

Go Travel Solutions has appointed Ian Drummond as a new Non-Executive director to support its growing sustainable travel consultancy business. Ian’s appointment brings the number of directors to four and he will bring over 36 years of award-winning experience in transport planning and policy to help the company continue to develop and deliver sustainable transport solutions across the UK.

Ian Drummond was awarded ‘Transport Planner of the Year’ in 2012 by the Transport Planning Society and in his previous role as Assistant Director, Transportation at Leicestershire County Council, he helped the authority to secure the ‘Local Transport Authority of the Year’ award in 2011. During his career with local authorities in the East Midlands and at the Department for Transport, Ian has worked on multi-million programmes and across a range of transportation fields including road pricing, policy and safety, highway network management, integrated transport models, bus networks and traffic management. 

I spend my business life promoting the case for sustainablRobin Pointon of Go Travel Solutionstravel.

This sector can be perceived as being overly-fixated on cycling, walking and public transport as ‘alternative’ modes of transport – sometimes to the point of developing an anti-car lobby. However, we firmly believe that car use is an important part of the sustainable travel mix.

Sustainable travel is not just about getting cars off the road. If we are to achieve the necessary major reductions in CO2 emissions from transportation over the next 10-20 years, manage traffic growth and engage businesses, then cars have to be part of the solution and professional car management is required, for both private and fleet vehicles. They cannot and should not be seen as the problem.

Employee requirements drive consideration of transport options

Businesses today are built around the flexibility that cars offer. For those working in out of town destinations the only real option is the car. However, as factors such as reduced parking spaces and rising fuel costs impact these businesses ever more, other transport options begin to be considered.

Available to members of Smartgo sustainable travel networks in Leicester, Milton Keynes and Stevenage

International car hire provider, Sixt is to offer 15 per cent discount off hire prices to over 80,000 business and leisure users across Leicester, Milton Keynes and Stevenage. The agreement, signed with sustainable travel specialist, Go Travel Solutions will offer major savings on car hire in the UK for all members of the Smartgo sustainable travel networks in the three areas, plus members of the Business Travel Networks in Coalville and Loughborough in Leicestershire.

The collective membership of the Smartgo and Business Travel Networks – co-ordinated by Go Travel Solutions - is over 130 businesses, covering over 80,000 employees. For information on joining the Smartgo or Business Travel Networks in your area, contact 0116 216 8326, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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