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Travel planning needs for commercial developers

  • Local authorities are looking for commercial developers who can be innovative in their approach to transport
  • Minimise land take for parking help generate greater commercial returns
  • Councils favour companies which have a proactive approach to sustainable travel for the granting of planning permission
  • Transport requirements of sites are growing in scale and complexity
  • A competitive commercial developers market makes the need for service differentiation ever greater

How can Go Travel Solutions help?

  • Strategies and campaigns to reduce parking demand
  • Expertise in walking and cycling facilities
  • Range of exclusive staff travel benefits to help reduce number of single occupancy vehicles by end users
  • Online sustainable travel engagement tool for occupiers and their staff
  • Expert instruction regarding the preparation and management of travel plans
  • Experience with innovative and effective initiatives to promote more sustainable forms of transport
  • The administration and evaluation of travel surveys
  • Development of new public transport links including partnerships with local authorities and public transport operators

Case Study: Highcross Shopping Centre


Engaging with both the core Hammerson team (who own Highcross) and the 140 retailers. In total there are around 3,000 staff working within this major regional retail destination. 

What services have Go Travel Solutions delivered?

  • Group membership of SmartGo, offering Highcross and its retailers, access to a range of travel offers for bus, car hire, cycle, electric cars and train.

  • Online and in person travel surveys.

  • Workplace travel support for Hammerson and its retailers

  • Partnership building with the purpose of securing greater investment in sustainable travel options

Success to date

  • Estimated 2,500 discounts accessed on public transport since 2009 with 37 retailers signed up to SmartGo Leicester.
  • Survey take-up of over 50% in staff surveys in 2016.
  • Over 25 retailers supported with specific travel advice for their staff.
  • Partnership with local authorities and transport providers through membership of Leicester and Leicestershire SmartGo
  • Steering Group to help secure enhanced transport links

"Highcross has worked in partnership with Go Travel Solutions for a number of years delivering a range of workplace travel support for both our employees and Retail partners.
The partnership offers the benefit of a range of travel incentives through SmartGo, travel survey management and evaluation, practical advice to enhance sustainable travel and secured engagement of other public and private sector partners for the long term benefit of local transport and thus ensuring that with proactive solutions our teams have access to cheaper travel , encouraging more sustainable travel solutions.
Go Travel Solutions continue to demonstrate passion and the ability to drive change. Collaborative engagement with other city stakeholders ensures a united ambition for a more sustainable future."

Jo Tallack, General Manager, Highcross Leicester (part of Hammerson)

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