Community Engagement

Communities Connected CIC enables organisations and local authorities to professionally engage and consult with local communities, customers and residents. This ensures the success of your major planning projects in areas such as transport, education, health and more.

Communities Connected CIC captures vital data, information and feedback from these key audiences through a wide range of channels.  

We identify the most effective methods of gathering information including on the doorstep, at community events, on pop up stands, in community hubs, and at transport gateways such as bus stops, traffic interchanges, on-board buses.

This information is then critically analysed and professionally reported to shape and influence key planning decisions.

What skills and services do you provide?

We focus on the technical survey and engagement process design, in both public and closed arenas. We will project manage the engagement process and recruit and train local staff or volunteers – to deliver the results you require, with full analysis, and reporting to the highest of standards.

We provide an affordable, value for money proposition where one single commission provides multiple benefits – all from locally sourced services. We provide the results our clients need, we enhance the local economy, and we change people’s lives.

What’s the added value?

We focus our recruitment, through strong relationships with national partners like Learn Direct and The Salvation Army’s Opportunity Health and Disability Programme, to upskill and return to the workforce local long term unemployed and supported-living candidates drawn from the communities in which our clients are conducting projects. 

Our customers buy an approach that helps local people to return to part-time or full-time work to suit their needs. It is a personal service that is tailored to the needs of each individual project and location, and for each pound spent there are further measurable benefits and social value.

This could help your corporate social responsibility remit as well as heightening your reputation in your local communities and among your peers. 

We do not stop there however, we are committed to generating ‘help in kind’ for your projects through volunteering partnerships – generating a rich resource pool. This helps to deliver long term legacy benefits, especially when projects supported by public funding or other grants come to an end. Put simply, we make these projects sustainable and longer-lasting.

What kinds of organisations do you serve?

Local government, big business, small business, transport operators, utility providers, NGOs…the list goes on. If you have a need for an intuitive, two way conversation with your stakeholders, while gathering and imparting information, and supporting the communities you work in, we can help.

Why are people buying this service from you? 

We act as a trusted partner, working flexibly alongside your client teams to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. 

Our customers genuinely like our personal service and attention to detail, our organisational approach and our ability to mobilise in a timely and efficient fashion. 

The management team consider going the extra mile as all part of the service, which focuses on the coaching and empowerment of the individual, while attaining the results our customers need and simultaneously targeting localism and reinvestment in local economies. 

However, we do not keep this passion and innovation to ourselves. We are more than willing to work with other consultancies and specialist providers and pride ourselves on our openness and our ability to transfer knowledge and skills through a ‘stronger together’ approach.

What could a typical project look like?

There are no ‘one size fits all’ service solution for your project.

Each customer, technical problem, message and community is different. This is why we provide bespoke solutions to complex problems and recruit the best people from the latent skill pool to work in their local area.

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