CB banking on benefits on sustainable travel initiatives

CB banking on benefits on sustainable travel initiatives

Project Manager:

John Keenan


Project Client:

Cambridge and Counties Bank


Nature of Business: 

Cambridge and Counties Bank (CCB) is a unique partnership between two established and respected institutions – Trinity Hall, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire Local Government Pension Fund. It is a banking specialist for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) within the UK and is dedicated to helping businesses of this type grow, consistently providing quality banking services and support.



What was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?
CCB is interested in sustainable travel, to and from work, as part of its commitment to the environment. In particular, it is working towards Green Accreditation. 

What special value did Go Travel Solutions bring?
A thorough knowledge and understanding of the sustainable travel sector, with a particular focus on providing travel advice through workshops and advising on the availability of personalised travel planning programmes.



How the client identified a potential solution, why they chose to work with Go Travel Solutions and what solution was delivered. How did this solution address the challenge?

CCB signed up as a member of the Smartgo Leicester workplace travel network to access a range of discounts and offers from local and national travel operators, as well as strategic advice on travel planning.



CCB staff are achieving a range of financial, health and well-being, and environmental benefits through Smartgo and a series of other related sustainable travel initiatives including:

  • A number of staff have signed up to receive discounts on transport through Go Travel Solutions’ Smartgo network

  • A number of staff have had a go on MyPTP to look in to alternative transport to work

  • Some members of staff have signed up to LeicesterShare

  • Some members of staff attended a workshop held by Go Travel Solutions at the CCB office

  • CCB attend an annual travel forum

  • CCB are going to hold a No Travel Week (no expenses paid for any business travel for the week for petrol)

  • ‘Bring a colleague to work day’ will be held at CCB

  • CCB to offer staff interest free loans for bicycle purchases


Client testimonial:

Feedback from staff has been positive and very encouraging. Comments have included ‘good schemes which are varied and well presented’, ‘clear direct message of reducing our carbon footprint’, a ‘good initiative regarding rewards for every green journey you take (points)’ and ‘really pleased with the Go Travel Solutions savings on my season ticket!’. 

Mike Kirsopp, CEO said: “We have been amazed at how much we have all learned about making a positive difference in the ways we travel to work. It has been a great experience to work with Go Travel Solutions, and other sustainable travel initiatives, as we seek to find more environmentally friendly types of transport.”







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