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The Communities Connected CIC is a service developed by Go Travel Solutions in partnership with ITP that enables organisations and local authorities to professionally engage and consult with local communities, customers and residents. This ensures the success of your major planning projects in areas such as transport, education, health and more.

Client: Milton Keynes Council

Milton Keynes Council is the local authority of the Borough of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England.

Which key challenges were initially identified by Milton Keynes Council?

Milton Keynes Council was planning to deliver Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) to around 5,500 individual households, focused on the promotion of cycling, red ways, Santander Cycle hire scheme and subsidised bus routes local to the site of engagement. The Council wanted to produce a neighbourhood guide for distribution to engaged residents.

Which Communities Connected services were provided to address/resolve these challenges?

Communities Connected CIC developed the brief, a localised supply chain of travel incentives and a localised labour pool of unemployed individuals to act as travel advisors. The team provided bespoke and expert training, and project managed the mobilisation of the PTP programme. It also provided data results and supported independent monitoring from an external partner.

What were the key achievements of the project?

The dedicated team of eight travel advisors visited in excess of 5,000 individual households. The development of the PTP programme resulted in a 19% modal shift (away from single occupancy car trips).

Communities Connected also negotiated a prescriptive range of relevant travel incentives with local providers and from this, 54% of participants received a bus-based travel incentive and 37% of participants received a free cycle hire subscription.