Tools to help improve air quality, reduce congestion, support the local economy and enhance health

Travel planning needs for local authorities

  • Focus is moving towards outcomes focused more on health and air quality

  • Engagement with local business communities can be challenging and hard to reach

  • Population levels across the UK are predicted to increase 15% over the next 25 years to 74.3 million (source: Office for National Statistics, 2016)

  • Obesity levels are predicted to increase. Two-thirds of women and three-quarters of British men overweight by 2030 (source: World Health Organisation, 2016)

  • Traffic levels on UK roads are predicted to rise 19% to 55% between 2010 and 2040 (source: Road Traffic Forecasts, 2015)

How can Go Travel Solutions help?

  • SmartGo – exclusive range of staff travel benefits with online sustainable travel engagement tool for employers and their staff. Visit

  • Offering of Communities Connected CIC  – a tool to engage local communities through upskilling the locally unemployed. For more, visit

  • LocalGo - The package for organisations looking to promote sustainable travel at a local level for housing developments, job seeker programmes, schools and travel hubs. For more, visit

  • Employer engagement specialists – interaction with over 500 businesses in the last 4 years

  • Experience with innovative and effective initiatives to promote more sustainable forms of transport

  • The administration and evaluation of travel surveys and monitoring of health impacts

  • Development of new public transport links including partnerships between local authorities and public transport operators

  • Expertise in advising on walking and cycling facilities

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Gloucester and Tewkesbury Borough Sustainable Travel Programme

Personalised Travel Planning

New Lubbesthorpe Travel Plan coordinator

Personal travel planning

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