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Engaging Local Communities

What is Communities Connected CIC?


Communities Connected CIC enables organisations and local authorities to professionally engage and consult with local communities, customers and residents. This ensures the success of your major planning projects in areas such as transport, education, health and more.


Communities Connected CIC captures vital data, information and feedback from these key audiences through a wide range of channels.  


We identify the most effective methods of gathering information including on the doorstep, at community events, on pop up stands, in community hubs, and at transport gateways such as bus stops, traffic interchanges, on-board buses.


This information is then critically analysed and professionally reported to shape and influence key planning decisions.


What skills and services do you provide?


We focus on the technical survey and engagement process design, in both public and closed arenas. We will project manage the engagement process and recruit and train local staff or volunteers – to deliver the results you require, with full analysis, and reporting to the highest of standards.


We provide an affordable, value for money proposition where one single commission provides multiple benefits – all from locally sourced services. We provide the results our clients need, we enhance the local economy, and we change people’s lives.


What’s the added value?


We focus our recruitment, through strong relationships with national partners like Learn Direct and The Salvation Army’s Opportunity Health and Disability Programme, to upskill and return to the workforce local long term unemployed and supported-living candidates drawn from the communities in which our clients are conducting projects. 


Our customers buy an approach that helps local people to return to part-time or full-time work to suit their needs. It is a personal service that is tailored to the needs of each individual project and location, and for each pound spent there are further measurable benefits and social value.


This could help your corporate social responsibility remit as well as heightening your reputation in your local communities and among your peers. 


We do not stop there however, we are committed to generating ‘help in kind’ for your projects through volunteering partnerships – generating a rich resource pool. This helps to deliver long term legacy benefits, especially when projects supported by public funding or other grants come to an end. Put simply, we make these projects sustainable and longer-lasting.


What kinds of organisations do you serve?


Local government, big business, small business, transport operators, utility providers, NGOs…the list goes on. If you have a need for an intuitive, two way conversation with your stakeholders, while gathering and imparting information, and supporting the communities you work in, we can help.


Why are people buying this service from you?


We act as a trusted partner, working flexibly alongside your client teams to provide innovative solutions to complex problems. 


Our customers genuinely like our personal service and attention to detail, our organisational approach and our ability to mobilise in a timely and efficient fashion. 


The management team consider going the extra mile as all part of the service, which focuses on the coaching and empowerment of the individual, while attaining the results our customers need and simultaneously targeting localism and reinvestment in local economies. 


However, we do not keep this passion and innovation to ourselves. We are more than willing to work with other consultancies and specialist providers and pride ourselves on our openness and our ability to transfer knowledge and skills through a ‘stronger together’ approach.


What could a typical project look like?


There are no ‘one size fits all’ service solution for your project.


Each customer, technical problem, message and community is different. This is why we provide bespoke solutions to complex problems and recruit the best people from the latent skill pool to work in their local area.





To read real life case studies, download the leaflet from the section below.


To discuss further, call the Go Travel Solutions team on: 0330 024 56 65 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  





The Workplace Travel Package

SmartGo is a national scheme providing discounted workplace travel, helping employers incentivise low-carbon transport and save their staff money. Offers are available on buses, trains, bikes and more, all accessed through the online portal, producing benefits for both employers and staff. 



SmartGo provides employers and their staff with a range of travel benefits and services to help make travel cheaper, easier and more sustainable.



Our Offer:

SmartGo is a partnership led by employers, supported by travel providers and the public sector. The network is part of a rapidly expanding UK-wide initiative with over 1,000 employer members representing over 165,000 staff.

  • Travel Discounts:

with transport operators to reduce staff travel costs and incentivise healthy travel options.

  • Travel Benefits:

providing customised advice for implementing new travel solutions in the workplace.

  • Travel Engagement: 

online sustainable travel engagement tool for employers and their staff.


“The SmartGo workplace travel networks have proven to be a valuable asset to GSK in Stevenage as well as other businesses across the UK. The good quality guidance and provision of benefits have been well received by staff and employers alike, resulting in a steady growth in interest and take up of sustainable travel. GSK fully support SmartGo and look forward to seeing membership and incentives increase to the benefit of existing and new members.”


Martin Wigley, Director, Site Operations, GlaxoSmithKline




To discuss how SmartGo can benefit your business, visit www.smartgo.co.uk, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0330 024 56 65.



Sustainable Travel Solutions for Commercial Developers

Tools to help reduce costs, assist with planning success and enhance business reputation.


Travel planning needs for commercial developers

  •  Local authorities are looking for commercial developers who can be innovative in their approach to transport
  • Minimise land take for parking help generate greater commercial returns
  • Councils favour companies which have a proactive approach to sustainable travel for the granting of planning permission
  • Transport requirements of sites are growing in scale and complexity
  • A competitive commercial developers market makes the need for service differentiation ever greater 


How can Go Travel Solutions help?

  • Strategies and campaigns to reduce parking demand
  • Expertise in walking and cycling facilities
  • Range of exclusive staff travel benefits to help reduce number of single occupancy vehicles by end users
  • Online sustainable travel engagement tool for occupiers and their staff
  • Expert instruction regarding the preparation and management of travel plans
  • Experience with innovative and effective initiatives to promote more sustainable forms of transport
  • The administration and evaluation of travel surveys
  • Development of new public transport links including partnerships with local authorities and public transport operators


Case Study: Highcross Shopping Centre (owned by Hammerson)


Engaging with both the core Hammerson team and the 140 retailers. In total there are around 3,000 staff working within this major regional retail destination. 

What services have Go Travel Solutions delivered?

  • Group membership of SmartGo, offering Highcross and its retailers, access to a range of travel offers for bus, car hire, cycle, electric cars and train.

  • Online and in person travel surveys.

  • Workplace travel support for Hammerson and its retailers

  • Partnership building with the purpose of securing greater investment in sustainable travel options

 Success to date

  • Estimated 2,500 discounts accessed on public transport since 2009 with 37 retailers signed up to SmartGo Leicester.

  • Survey take-up of over 50% in staff surveys in 2016.

  • Over 25 retailers supported with specific travel advice for their staff.

  • Partnership with local authorities and transport providers through membership of Leicester and Leicestershire SmartGo Steering Group to help secure enhanced transport links



"Highcross has worked in partnership with Go Travel Solutions for a number of years delivering a range of workplace travel support for both our employees and Retail partners.  
The partnership offers the benefit of a range of travel incentives through SmartGo, travel survey management and evaluation, practical advice to enhance sustainable travel and secured engagement of other public and private sector partners for the long term benefit of local transport and thus ensuring that with proactive solutions our teams have access to cheaper travel , encouraging more sustainable travel solutions. 
Go Travel Solutions continue to demonstrate passion and the ability to drive change. Collaborative engagement with other city stakeholders ensures a united ambition for a more sustainable future."
 Jo Tallack, General Manager, Highcross Leicester (part of Hammerson)

Sustainable Travel Solutions for Local Authorites

Tools to help improve air quality, reduce congestion, support the local economy and enhance health.


Travel planning needs for local authorities


  • Focus is moving towards outcomes focused more on health and air quality

  • Engagement with local business communities can be challenging and hard to reach

  • Population levels across the UK are predicted to increase 15% over the next 25 years to 74.3 million (source: Office for National Statistics www.ons.gov.uk, 2016)

  • Obesity levels are predicted to increase. Two-thirds of women and three-quarters of British men overweight by 2030 (source: World Health Organisation, 2016)

  • Traffic levels on UK roads are predicted to rise 19% to 55% between 2010 and 2040 (source: Road Traffic Forecasts www.gov.uk, 2015)


How can Go Travel Solutions help:


  • SmartGo – exclusive range of staff travel benefits with online sustainable travel engagement tool for employers and their staff. Visit www.smartgo.co.uk

  • Offering of Communities Connected CIC  – a tool to engage local communities through upskilling the locally unemployed. For more, visit www.communitiesconnectedcic.com

  • LocalGo - The package for organisations looking to promote sustainable travel at a local level for housing developments, job seeker programmes, schools and travel hubs. For more, visit www.localgo.co.uk
  • Employer engagement specialists – interaction with over 500 businesses in the last 4 years

  • Experience with innovative and effective initiatives to promote more sustainable forms of transport

  • The administration and evaluation of travel surveys and monitoring of health impacts

  • Development of new public transport links including partnerships between local authorities and public transport operators

  • Expertise in advising on walking and cycling facilities



Case Study - Gloucester and Tewkesbury Borough Sustainable Travel Programme – Personalised Travel Planning


Nature of Business

Gloucestershire County Council’s LSTF programme was designed to reduce the number of single occupancy car journeys, promote the adoption of more sustainable transport modes and also encourage the retiming of trips to avoid peak travel demand during major Highways England capital works.


Challenge - what was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?

 Undertake contact with 24,000 individual residencies within the project target area and support this activity with engagement at public events.


What special value did Go Travel Solutions bring?

A unique and effective model for delivering PTP, utilising Travel Advisors sourced from long-term unemployed or assisted living candidates.


Who were the stakeholders?

Gloucestershire County Council, LearnDirect and Gloucestershire residents.


Solutions - How the client identified a potential solution, why they chose to work with Go Travel Solutions and what solution was delivered.

Go Travel Solutions acted as Project Directors, employers and Project Management and Health and Safety Leads throughout the 12 month project delivery.



29,579 individual residencies were contacted (23% over target). 10% mode shift was delivered through engagement, 34 community events were also attended. At a cost of £14.03 per single contact (including the price of collateral and other incentives). 


"We have worked with Go Travel Solutions on a number of projects over the last 2 years. The largest project was the Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) in Gloucester and Tewkesbury Borough. We have also worked with them on job seeker support work, designed to help local residents of Gloucestershire get back into work via the transfer of skills and use of public/active transport methods. 
Their projects consistently exceeded expectations in terms of stakeholder engagement levels and have achieved a positive shift towards sustainable travel options. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Go Travel Solutions team for any work opportunities and we look forward to working with them beyond the Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme."
Thomas Evans, LSTF Programme Manager - BSc (Hons), CMILT, Gloucestershire County Council



Transforming Travel For Staff & Students at Universities and Colleges

As universities feel increased pressure to reduce their car parking and measure their Scope 3 emissions, and students are demanding greener campuses, a comprehensive and effective travel plan is becoming a vital tool in encouraging more sustainable travel behaviour.


Travel planning within the FE & HE sector


  • Research from the British Parking Association* suggests that there are currently around 10 people to every parking space across the university sector.

  • Parking pressure creates staff and student frustration and dissatisfaction.

  • Valuable land used for parking cars can be better utilised for educating students.

  • Councils regularly demand commitments to sustainable travel before planning permission for development is granted.

  • Reporting of Scope 3 emissions is becoming expected.

*The size and shape of parking in higher & further education facilities; British Parking Association and Valued Research – July 2014


Go Travel Solutions provides solutions that include:


  • Expert instruction regarding the preparation and management of travel plans.

  • Experience with innovative and effective initiatives to promote more sustainable forms of transport.

  • The administration and evaluation of travel surveys.

  • Calculations of Scope 3 emissions from commuting and business travel.

  • SmartGo - a range of travel benefits with an online engagement package for staff and students. For more, visit www.smartgo.co.uk.

  • On-the-ground marketing and delivery programmes.

  • Proven involvement and success with universities, colleges and other businesses.


Case Study - Travel planning for staff and students at the University of Leicester


The University of Leicester is ranked in the top one per cent of universities in the world by the Times Higher Education (THE). The University wanted to identify changes over the last five years in travel behaviour to evaluate how they and other key transport stakeholders could further reduce car use and carbon emissions going forward.

Go Travel Solutions conducted a review of the University’s Travel Plan including a University-wide staff and student survey, carbon calculations, GIS mapping of postcode data for bus, walk and cycle routes and advice on data capture.


The review revealed:

The Travel Survey highlighted the potential for greater use of sustainable travel by staff and students with over 100 staff, who are existing single car drivers, expressing a willingness to travel more sustainably to work.


"We used Go Travel Solutions to carry out a thorough staff and student travel survey to inform the next phase of our travel plan. We threw everything at them – tough timescales, last minute meetings, a hard to reach audience, tight budget and a demanding brief – and they delivered everything we needed and more.
We are never disappointed when working with Go Travel Solutions and would recommend them to anyone who needs to leave their project in capable hands whilst they go and fight fires elsewhere. You’ll get more than you bargained for (in a good way!)."
Dr Sandra Lee, Acting Environment Officer, University of Leicester, January 2016.



CB banking on benefits on sustainable travel initiatives

Project Manager:

John Keenan


Project Client:

Cambridge and Counties Bank


Nature of Business: 

Cambridge and Counties Bank (CCB) is a unique partnership between two established and respected institutions – Trinity Hall, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire Local Government Pension Fund. It is a banking specialist for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) within the UK and is dedicated to helping businesses of this type grow, consistently providing quality banking services and support.



What was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?
CCB is interested in sustainable travel, to and from work, as part of its commitment to the environment. In particular, it is working towards Green Accreditation. 

What special value did Go Travel Solutions bring?
A thorough knowledge and understanding of the sustainable travel sector, with a particular focus on providing travel advice through workshops and advising on the availability of personalised travel planning programmes.



How the client identified a potential solution, why they chose to work with Go Travel Solutions and what solution was delivered. How did this solution address the challenge?

CCB signed up as a member of the Smartgo Leicester workplace travel network to access a range of discounts and offers from local and national travel operators, as well as strategic advice on travel planning.



CCB staff are achieving a range of financial, health and well-being, and environmental benefits through Smartgo and a series of other related sustainable travel initiatives including:

  • A number of staff have signed up to receive discounts on transport through Go Travel Solutions’ Smartgo network

  • A number of staff have had a go on MyPTP to look in to alternative transport to work

  • Some members of staff have signed up to LeicesterShare

  • Some members of staff attended a workshop held by Go Travel Solutions at the CCB office

  • CCB attend an annual travel forum

  • CCB are going to hold a No Travel Week (no expenses paid for any business travel for the week for petrol)

  • ‘Bring a colleague to work day’ will be held at CCB

  • CCB to offer staff interest free loans for bicycle purchases


Client testimonial:

Feedback from staff has been positive and very encouraging. Comments have included ‘good schemes which are varied and well presented’, ‘clear direct message of reducing our carbon footprint’, a ‘good initiative regarding rewards for every green journey you take (points)’ and ‘really pleased with the Go Travel Solutions savings on my season ticket!’. 

Mike Kirsopp, CEO said: “We have been amazed at how much we have all learned about making a positive difference in the ways we travel to work. It has been a great experience to work with Go Travel Solutions, and other sustainable travel initiatives, as we seek to find more environmentally friendly types of transport.”







Helping UK Employers to access discounted bike storage

New agreement between Bike Dock Solutions and Go Travel Solutions will provide bike storage offers for employers to encourage sustainable travel

Go Travel Solutions has teamed up with Bike Dock Solutions, one of the UK’s leading bike storage manufacturers, to offer discounted bike storage products for UK employers with potential savings worth up to thousands of pounds. Under the agreement, Bike Dock Solutions will offer 10 per cent off online prices and a further 10 per cent off installation costs for new and existing members of Go Travel Solutions’ Smartgo UK networks.

Smartgo is an innovative workplace travel network that is developed and coordinated by Go Travel Solutions to provide employers and their staff with financial, health and time saving benefits for commuting and business travel. Smartgo membership now includes over 200 businesses across the country representing more than 95,000 employees.

Major discounts on Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicles for Smartgo members across UK

(from L-R) William Wiggins from Nissan, Phil Saunders from Go Travel Solutions and Russell Higgins from Nissan Significant savings on standard retail prices available on UK’s most popular electric vehicle

Members of the Smartgo workplace travel networks across the UK can now make major savings on buying or leasing a new Nissan LEAF electric car. As part of the agreement between Nissan and specialist sustainable travel consultancy, Go Travel Solutions, the vehicles will be available with significant discounts worth thousands of pounds to existing Smartgo members, on top of the existing Government grants, to encourage sustainable travel.

Recent figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that electric car sales in the UK have risen dramatically during the past 12 months. While only around 500 electric cars were registered per month at the start of 2014, this has now risen to an average of around 2,400 per month in 2015, with the total UK light-duty electric fleet now estimated to number more than 45,000 electric vehicles.

Improving services for local community transport providers


Project Manager:

Robin Pointon


Project Client:

Reaching People


Nature of Business:

Reaching People brings together frontline delivery partners from the voluntary and community sector in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Working together, they develop and provide high quality contract delivery, business and funding opportunities in fields that include health and wellbeing, homelessness, advice and guidance, education and training, and community services.



What was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?

Reaching People commissioned a comprehensive study of the key community transport providers in Leicester to identify opportunities and benefits for a more co-ordinated provision of community transport in Leicester.


What special value did Go Travel Solutions bring?

Go Travel Solutions was commissioned by the Reaching People partnership to undertake the feasibility study. The company has established relationships with local stakeholders, experience of working with groups with specific access needs and a commitment to enhancing social value through projects based on the company’s social enterprise ethic.


Who were the stakeholders?

The study was undertaken with eight key community transport providers/users in Leicester including: Age UK Leicestershire and Rutland; West Indian Senior Citizens Project; Community Action Partnership; Action Homeless Leicester; LASS/Well for Living; Confederation of Indian Organisations (UK); Vista; and Leicester City Council (Access bus).



How the client identified a potential solution, why they chose to work with Go Travel Solutions and what solution was delivered. How did this solution address the challenge?

The objective of the feasibility study was to identify the opportunities for a more co-ordinated provision of community transport in the city of Leicester by talking to those currently providing community transport, the users and those funding the current provision.

The study was about finding new and innovative ways to help people access services and increase engagement with their local communities, thereby improving wellbeing by reducing social isolation.



The survey identified five key recommendations within its ‘Achieving More With Less’ report to develop and improve local services through more effective collaboration:

  • sharing journeys

  • sharing vehicles

  • sharing skills

  • sharing recruitment

  • sharing as a network

Go Travel Solutions secured pledges from seven of the local community transport providers/users. These were made to the five recommendations of the report (as stated above).

The aim of the recommendations was to improve co-ordination of the services that community transport providers and community groups provide for the hundreds of people who use the services each year in the city.

It is planned that the study will help to inform the development of a more cost-effective, efficient, integrated solution for transport in the community and specifically for Leicester. It will help to ensure that vital services will continue to be delivered while also driving out the required efficiencies to acknowledge the difficulties that providers face in a changing funding landscape.


Client testimonial:

Vista is a member of the Reaching People partnership. Paul Bott, Chief Executive at Vista, commented: “We love this report. It looks at how we can achieve more with less and comes up with really practical solutions. Our challenge now is in taking the next step and implementing the recommendations so that we can support people from across the communities of Leicester even better.”






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