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12 September 2023

Enabling more sustainable commuting: paving the way to Scope 3 emission reduction

This article explores how organisations can enable more sustainable commuting and pave the way to scope 3 emission reduction.
06 September 2023

Green transport is vital ingredient

GO Travel Solutions feature in East Midlands Chamber Business Network Magazine September 2023.
22 August 2023

Transforming Communities through embedding Sustainable Travel: The imperative for thoughtful Master Planning

This article explores the pressing need for prioritising sustainable travel in master planning and the substantial benefits it can bring to both communities and the environment.
16 August 2023

Our Summer Newsletter 2023!

View our Summer Newsletter 2023 to check out our latest projects and more!
10 August 2023

Check out our top 5 tips for inspiring your employees to hop on their bikes!

Encouraging your staff to ditch the car and cycle to work can be quite a challenge! Here are our top five tips to get your employees in the saddle.
08 August 2023

We recently offset our 2022-23 carbon emissions

Sustainability lies at the heart of GO Travel Solutions, and this year we offset our 2022 carbon emissions using Zellar and Climate Stewards.
26 July 2023

Ebike loan unleashes joy and freedom for New Lubbesthorpe resident

New Lubbesthorpe resident Priya Fernandes, recently snapped up a 4-month ebike loan and is embracing her new way of life thanks to the Parish Council and Hurrecane Ebikes!
14 July 2023

New Lubbesthorpe to get a new bus route

Further improvements to New Lubbesthorpe public transport service as Vectare partnership with Drummond Trust delivers strong passenger growth
06 July 2023

Webinar: Pedal Power - Inspiring a Cycling Commute Culture with Cycle to Work Schemes for Your Organisation

SmartGO is pleased to provide this webinar in partnership with Cycle Solutions on Wednesday 26th July 2023, as we explore how to implement cycle to work schemes within your organisation. Book your place today.
13 June 2023

Car-free holidays: it’s time to embrace the benefits

Contemplating leaving your car behind for your upcoming holiday? Explore the five key advantages of opting for a car-free vacation!
30 May 2023

Commuting bus use doubles as car use drops at Fosse Park

Staff at Fosse Park, one of Britain’s biggest out-of-town shopping and leisure destinations, are making a big switch to sustainable travel for their commute.
27 April 2023

GO Travel Solutions feature on BBC Radio 4's You and Yours!

BBC Radio 4 took to the streets of New Lubbesthorpe to try out the NovusDirect bus service and ask residents about their first-hand experience using the service.
24 April 2023

Latest projects, updates on initiatives and the impact of our work

View our Spring Newsletter 2023 to check out our latest projects and more!
20 April 2023

Joining forces for a net zero future: we’re at UKREiiF 2023!

GO Travel Solutions will be exhibiting at the UK Real Estate and Infrastructure Investment Forum (UKREiiF) in Leeds, 16th – 18th May!
11 April 2023

Bus use doubles and single car occupancy journeys are down 20% at flagship Leicester development

A recent travel survey, conducted by GO Travel Solutions, shows bus usage has doubled since 2021, with 24% of residents using the bus to commute to their place of work, compared to 12% as reported previously.
04 April 2023

‘It was a bit of an adventure – but so easy to do!’ a car-free holiday to St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives in Cornwall is a stunning destination with magnificent beaches, seascapes and a great artistic vibe. It’s no wonder that it was on our holiday hitlist!
20 March 2023

Vista launches new initiative to help those with sight loss in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to use local transport

Funded by the Department for Transport, Vista is working in collaboration with GO Travel Solutions to tackle loneliness in the lives of others by improving transport accessibility for the visually impaired.
05 December 2022

Webinar: Reduce the cost of doing business and become sustainable with SmartGO and Zellar

More and more businesses are looking at ways to cut carbon emissions and save money, Zellar and SmartGO help businesses do just that. This webinar will explore carbon reporting, the Zellar platform, and how your business can benefit from improving sustainability. Register for your place today.
10 November 2022

GO Travel Solutions recruit LocalGO Ambassador for New Lubbesthorpe

As a resident of New Lubbesthorpe, Emma will use her local knowledge to build positive relationships with the residents of this new and thriving community.
06 October 2022

Webinar: Electric vehicles, charging, and salary sacrifice schemes for your business

Are you a business looking to reduce your carbon footprint whilst providing employee benefits? Join GO Travel Solutions, Cenex, and The Electric Car Scheme at our online webinar to find out about electric vehicles (EVs) and EV salary sacrifice schemes for your organisation.
03 October 2022

We’ve refreshed our visual identity!

GO Travel Solutions was established in 2008 and we haven't changed our logo since. 14 years later, we felt it was time for a refresh!
09 September 2022

Go Travel Solutions pay tribute to Her Majesty, The Queen

We are deeply saddened by the announcement of the passing of Her Majesty, The Queen.
25 July 2022

Cash donation will bring refurbished second-hand bikes to refugees in the UK

Leicester-based sustainable travel consultancy, Go Travel Solutions, recently made a cash donation of £4,530 to The Bike Project.
18 July 2022

New Lubbesthorpe bus service evolves

The innovative and dynamic on demand bus service for New Lubbesthorpe is set to expand under a new provider from August.
23 June 2022

New electric bus service for hospitals launched

A NEW fully electric bus service is being launched to provide sustainable transport on routes connecting Leicester’s three main hospitals.
31 May 2022

Commuting behaviours and expectations post-pandemic: SmartGo staff travel survey results 2022

Achieving net zero is a critical long-term goal that is forcing us as citizens to take seriously consider taking action in decarbonising our use of transport.
14 February 2022

First Commercial Car Club Launches in Leicestershire

New Lubbesthorpe’s Enterprise Car Club driving the future of sustainable travel.
01 February 2022

Electrification of transport alone will not deliver a net zero future

Achieving net zero is a critical long-term goal that is forcing us as citizens to take seriously consider taking action in decarbonising our use of transport.
06 January 2022

New Lubbesthorpe resident cycles into the new year with increased fitness and a reduced carbon footprint

New Lubbesthorpe resident cycles into the new year with increased fitness and a reduced carbon footprint.
16 December 2021

New Lubbesthorpe’s Enterprise Car Club driving the future of sustainable travel

A new and exciting Enterprise Car Club has now arrived in the New Lubbesthorpe community for residents to use.
16 December 2021

New Lubbesthorpe resident swaps his car for e-bike and is reaping the benefits

A resident of New Lubbesthorpe and a member of LocalGo, the communities sustainable travel discount scheme, has been changing the way they commute to work thanks to The Drummond Estate and Rutland Cycling.
16 December 2021

Go Travel Solutions expands its team to support workplaces and communities in their goal to net zero

Go Travel Solutions has recently appointed Becky Watson as its new Marketing and Communications Officer as the company continues to grow in supporting workplaces and communities in their goal to go net zero.
16 July 2021

Go Travel Solutions join the Good Business Charter

The ‘Good Business Charter’ is an organisation which encourages responsible business behaviour and publicly acknowledges those organisations who exhibit such behaviour.
22 April 2021


Getting to Work is a new scheme launched at Fosse Park to help the two thousand staff based there to commute more sustainably. On Monday 12th April, Next opened their new concept store at Fosse Park and are now the first retailer to sign-up.
06 April 2021

Go Travel Solutions Reappointed at Multimillion-Pound New Lubbesthorpe Development

The Drummond Estate has reappointed sustainable travel specialists, Go Travel Solutions to continue the successful travel plan coordination work at the 4,250 home New Lubbesthorpe development near Leicester.
06 April 2021

Local Resident Becomes Ambassador for Sustainable Travel

Go Travel Solutions have appointed Carrie Wainwright as their LocalGo Promoter in New Lubbesthorpe. It is an initiative aimed at helping residents with information on buses, train, cycling and walking and promoting the benefits of sustainable travel.
26 March 2021

Working from Home

Check out our video discussion on Working from Home!
10 November 2020

Urban&Civic Plc appoint Go Travel Solutions for their Wintringham St Neots new housing scheme

Specialist sustainable transport consultancy Go Travel Solutions will from October 2020 be undertaking the Travel Plan Co-ordinator role for the Urban&Civic development at Wintringham St Neots.
29 July 2020

Harworth Appoint Go Travel Solutions For Their Coalville Sustainable Urban Extension Scheme

Specialist sustainable transport consultancy Go Travel Solutions will from September 2020 be undertaking the Travel Plan Co-ordinator role for the new Harworth Group development located south east of Coalville.
03 July 2020

Covid-19 Staff Survey Results: Press Release

In May 2020, over 800 commuters from 49 employers from across England provided feedback on how they expected their travel behaviours to change because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The results reflect dramatic changes expected in use of public transport,