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26 July 2023

Ebike loan unleashes joy and freedom for New Lubbesthorpe resident

New Lubbesthorpe resident Priya Fernandes, recently snapped up a 4-month ebike loan and is embracing her new way of life thanks to the Parish Council and Hurrecane Ebikes!

The 4-month ebike loan, funded by the Parish Council, sought to encourage residents to explore the possibilities of life with an ebike, encouraging them to opt for a healthier and more sustainable alternative to their car commutes.

Reflecting on her ebike experience, Priya said, “Riding an ebike has been an exhilarating and transformative experience for me. The effortless acceleration provided by the electric motor gives me a sense of freedom and joy like no other."

She added, "Exploring scenic routes and conquering challenging terrains has become a thrilling adventure, thanks to the extra power boost. Overall, my experience with an ebike has been nothing short of amazing. It has opened up a world of possibilities, offering convenience, adventure, fitness, and environmental consciousness."

The ebike loans, provided by Hurrecane Ebikes, complement a range of other initiatives available to residents of New Lubbesthorpe, including access to various sustainable travel discounts through LocalGO, a comprehensive travel package tailored to the community. Furthermore, they can benefit from the recently improved bus service, NovusFosse, launched in July, in response to valuable community feedback.

This forms part of the work of GO Travel Solutions for New Lubbesthorpe ( funded by the Drummond Trust.