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Electrification of transport alone will not deliver a net zero future

 Achieving net zero is a critical long-term goal that is forcing us as citizens to take seriously consider taking action in decarbonising our use of transport.

The Government’s net zero strategy, to achieve a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere, establishes what is needed to decarbonise our economy over the next 30 years. Transport has been identified as the biggest contributor to carbon emissions.

Robin Pointon, Managing Director of Go Travel Solutions, the specialist sustainable transport consultancy, commented: ‘’The decarbonisation of transport is a key factor, such as electric vehicles in place of petrol, diesel, and hybrid cars, but it needs to be accompanied by a switch from far less car usage to more walking, cycling and use of public transport. The reality is that the electrification of transport alone, will not achieve the net zero goal.’’

‘’What we need to see is a behaviour change. We need to be swapping cars with alternative modes of travel. There are benefits to be seen, and not just from an environmental perspective. Individuals can also save money and improve their health and wellbeing by incorporating a mix of active travel and public transport.’’

Robin added, ‘’It is encouraging to see behaviour change being incentivised within workplaces and communities. We have seen a rise in the demand of sustainable travel solutions, across both the private and public sectors, including the implementation of travel packages, which offer residents and staff a range of travel discounts. Supporting individuals with affordable sustainable travel is encouraging the behaviour change we need to see.’’

Go Travel Solutions have devised and developed a wide range of travel plans across the industry, and support workplaces and communities in becoming aware of the transport solutions available to them.
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