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Coordinators of:  

SmartGo Maylands

Project manager:

  • Tara Clark

Project Client:

  • Dacorum Borough Council

  • Herts IQ

  • Hertfordshire County Council

  • St Albans City and District Council


What was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?

The Maylands Business Park is a large area, housing over 650 businesses and 20,000 staff. There is not one individual owner, it is broken down to landowners, individual building owners/developers from both the public and private sector. In general, there are significant levels of congestion throughout the day, but particularly during rush hour, as well as a lack of parking for both private and commercial vehicles. Maylands is located roughly four miles away from Hemel Hempstead Rail Station and Town Centre, whilst the area is served by public transport, the provision is lacking. There are also very few sustainable and active modes of travel available for the business park meaning the level of SoV is extremely high

What special value did GO Travel Solutions bring?

The project partners are keen to see innovative and sustainable solutions to answer the issues of travelling to and across Maylands. GO Travel Solutions share this view so are able to bring fresh ideas focusing on sustainable modes and active travel. GO Travel Solutions are also able to bring the SmartGO workplace travel package to the area which was of particular interest.


How the client identified a potential solution, why they chose to work with Go Travel Solutions and what solution was delivered. How did this solution address the challenge?

This project is still underway. We have achieved a high level of engagement with the local business community and established an active and enthusiastic Employer Steering Group who are helping to guide and shape the direction of the Travel Plan in a way the users will most benefit from it. A first draft of the Travel Plan has been provided which highlights and recommends various measures which can be introduced to both ease the traffic and parking issues whilst encouraging sustainable and active travel. A second draft of the Travel Plan was published towards the end of 2020. It takes into account the behaviour changes of those in the area to both working and travelling practices based on the current Covid-19 crisis. SmartGO Maylands has been launched and is seen as a positive addition to the area. Due to Covid we were required to hold off further promotion of SmartGO in sensitivity to those who were not travelling, however now restrictions are being eased, conversations focusing on the package are now back on track.

Client testimonial

“Dacorum Borough Council are delighted to be working with Go Travel Solutions on the SmartGo Maylands project. The Team have been incredibly good to work with, keeping us informed every step of the way of progress and issues. The project has needed to be very adaptable to the evolving pandemic situation, which developed in the early stages of the project. Excellent communication and flexibility has allowed the project to continue to deliver against the work programme wherever possible. It has been a real pleasure to work with them, they really are an organisation that not only provides a great service but really does walk the walk – as far as sustainable transport goes ! ”

Chris Taylor, Dacorum Borough Counci