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Coordinators of:  

Diocese of Leicester Travel Plan Framework

Project manager:

  • Dr Ian Murdey

Project Client:

  • Diocese of Leicester

Nature of Business:

  • The Diocese of Leicester is a community of more than 18,000 Christians who worship in church buildings, houses, and schools, as well as in community and outdoor spaces. There are over 320 churches, 234 parishes, almost 100 schools and academy trusts, and a rapidly growing number of fresh expressions of Church. It is a rural diocese with urban heartlands.

Project Descripton

What was the primary challenge or set of challenges facing the client? What was the business case for change?

Transport and how we travel is the largest contributor to carbon emissions across the UK. In 2018, 28% of net greenhouse gas emissions in the UK were estimated to be from the transport sector (Source: Dept for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy). Transport is the largest single emitting sector. Though overall greenhouse gas emissions for the UK have been falling significantly, those from transport are not that different in real terms from 20 years ago.

Within the Christian faith, there is a strong connection with good stewardship of the Earth. In February 2020 the General Synod set a 2030 Net Zero carbon target. For the Church of England to achieve this, it will require Dioceses to embed sustainable practices within all its activities.

This project was commissioned to help assess current carbon emissions from Diocese related transport, and guide future behaviours to help reduce those.


What special value did Go Travel Solutions bring?

These are the areas where GTS are adding value:

  • An expertise in creating and supporting the delivery of Travel Plans.

  • A local knowledge of transport operators, transport authorities and wider stakeholders.

  • Expertise and passion for sustainable transport.

  • A knowledge and understanding of the Diocese through past projects.

  • An extensive experience of undertaking monitoring and evaluation of travel behaviours focused on the opportunity for travel behaviour change.

  • A track record of delivering travel behaviour change.

  • A package of products created and developed by Go Travel Solutions to promote and embed sustainable transport.


Our expertise in creating and supporting the delivery of Travel Plans, in conjunction with a local knowledge of transport operators, transport authorities and wider stakeholders, meant that we were able to create a bespoke Travel Plan Framework to help embed sustainable travel behaviours for those that work for the Diocese.

Our experience with carbon transport analysis allowed us to estimate Scope 3 emissions from Diocese employees’ commutes that can be used as a baseline from which future progress can be measured.

A Sustainable Travel Toolkit with practical ideas and signposts to further information and support was produced and presented to Diocese representatives to help them deliver workable solutions for their employees and communities.

Virtual Workshops were used to explain and discuss how the suggested initiatives could be used to help guide positive travel behaviour change.

Our support has enabled the Diocese to take its first steps towards reducing the reliance on the most polluting forms of transport and help achieve the 2030 Net Zero target.

Our tried and tested practical initiatives will provide achievable solutions to the difficulties in creating real-world behaviour change.

Client testimonial

''The workshops led by Go Travel Solutions provided just the right balance of background information about the impact of travel upon environmental sustainability together with practical ideas for changing travel patterns relevant for members of local churches.''

Venerable Richard Worsfold, Archdeacon of Leicester